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Beyond Relief

Beyond Relief is a community site to provide news and information on the development of the Relief Linea new subway to support the growth of Toronto by alleviating overcrowding on the Yonge Street side of the TTC's Line 1, and the dangerously over-capacity Bloor-Yonge station in particular.

The concerns of citizens and businesses in the areas through which the new subway will pass must be addressed while ensuring that the Relief Line achieves the greatest benefit and value for the significant investment it will require.

The purpose of this site is to help inform the public in the hope that we can work together to ensure that the Relief Line achieves those goals beyond relief.

What's Happening?

After a two-year planning and consultation process, city planning staff with input from the public have identified the route which will best serve the needs of our growing city:

It was only after investigating a wide variety of options that the emerging preferred alignment 'EQ' (shown above) scored the best overall in a comprehensive set of evaluation criteria:


Executive committee has approved the recommendations of City Planning with some additional requests which will not delay the Relief Line planning process! Most notably:

b. Undertake an additional assessment of an alignment west of Pape Avenue, starting immediately north of the GO tracks on Pape Avenue to south of Queen Street, with a station box at Queen Street and Carlaw Avenue and:

  1. prepare an Outreach Plan in consultation with the local Councillor to review these option(s) with stakeholders, including the General Manager, Economic Development and Culture, and the public, including local residents; and
  2. bring back a recommendation to Council, through Executive Committee, prior to commencing the formal Transit Project Assessment Process;

What's Next?

On Tuesday, July 12, Toronto City Council must decide what to do with the results of the planning process and the recommendations of the Executive Committee. Now is the time to help make sure the Relief Line doesn't get derailed!

Take Action 

You can help decide the future of the Relief Line by making your voice as a citizen heard. Here are some ways to do so:

Sign Petitions 

We have initiated a petition to support of the recommendations of City Planning without delay, including provisions to help reduce its impacts on residents and businesses. People on Pape Avenue have created a petition seeking further study. You can sign either or both quickly and easily right now!

  • Support the Recommendations
  • Support Pape Residents
Support the Recommendations
Support Pape Residents

Send a Message 

Write your elected officials to let them know that the Relief Line is important to you. Enter your address below to find out who they are and how to contact them. At this stage of the process it is most important to write to your Toronto City Councillor and Mayor John Tory.

Leave Feedback 

You can leave feedback for City Planning on the Relief Line Alignment Options page.